Want to get GET BETTER online & offline VISIBILITY for your project?

A. Get your marketing materials audited and upgraded:

• Web pages, brochures, press releases, blog posts, articles, scripts
• Email marketing campaigns optimization
• Booths, events, presentations and marketing collateral

What you get:

9 items of MarCom audited and upgraded, for a fixed price.


How it works:

Upload 9 items of MarCom onto a DropBox / Drive folder, and share it with me

Within 9 working days, you get:

  1. An audit report, with content and marketing communications suggestions and pointers
  2.  Your 9 MarCom items, upgraded

B. The next step: FIXINGplus

MarCom audit & alighnment + strategy

C. The Annual Plan: FIXINGanum 

MarCom audit & alighnment + strategy + annual content calendar

Let’s connect:

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