Powerful Posters #1: Bibi (Tick-Toc)King

bibi ticking poster references sm


The Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is facing a corruption trial, and possibly jail time. In the next 2-3 months, he will most likely be removed from office, after over 10 years in office. 


Graphic Designer Oded Ben Yehuda has shared his artwork = this poster (featured above) on Facebook yesterday. I think this is a brilliant example of a creative that hits the nail right on its head. 

Oded is an artist,  journalist, a design teacher, and generally a talented creative professional, who studied at the University of the Arts London, the ‎London College of Communication‎‏,‎ and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design‎‏. 


I love monochrome posters. This poster is both minimalistic and busy – with repetative typography of TICK TOCK (in Hebrew).

Behind the ticking that’s taking over the entire surface, is a headshot of Bibi Netanyahu. His eyes focus on the viewers, with a serious look to them. Netanyahu is known to have shifty eyes – especially during dialog. This body language a trait is very hard to shake. For this reason (and others) he has been avoiding TV interviews almost entirely, for many years now.

Here, the ticking is a like a filter between us viewers, and his eyes. It serves as a visual barrier.

The repetitive TICK TOCKs on this poster reminds me of the visual counting of days prisoners do (||||).

This poster also brings to mind a 2012 Times Magazine cover: the cover story was titled “BiBi King”. That article has helped globally shape Bibi as a “Middle Eastern ruler”. Only, Israel is a functioning democracy, and the law is (still) above the ruler. So, now Bibi is facing jail time, like his predecesotr Ehud Olmert. Olmert was released from jail (corruption case) just a month ago.

At the moment, it is uncertain who is doing the marking / ticking of days / hours?
Is it Bibi or the Israeli left? 
Time will tell, and time might make this poster timeless.



This is post #1 in continuing series – each post a 500 words article about a poster masterpiece.

Blog posts series inspired by:

1 – Ellen Lupton, How Posters Work

2 – Geoff Dyer on Photography, for The New Republic






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