Links | 21.4.17 | Symbols, Balzac, Zweig, Math, Color Vision, Brains

  1. The Balzac biography written by Stefan Zweig is my favorite book in 2017 so far. Moving, consuming, artful
  2. The article “Why Symbols Matter” on Fast Company will probably convince you to buy this handbook, too – “a richly illustrated and fascinatingly told visual encyclopedia, organized by themes like “manmade” (bread, hammer) and “animate” (rat, antlers). Each entry is illustrated with examples that span millennia, linking, for instance, the monkey symbology of pre-Columbian Mexico with an 19th-century caricature of Charles Darwin (as a monkey, of course).”
  3. How Our Brain Finds Waldo [oldie but goodie] by Gord Hotchkiss. The next day, Gord published How Our Brains Engage with Online Ads
  4. The vision thing: how babies colour in the world on The Guardian
  5. Artistic Expressions of Math Over Seven Centuries on HyperAllergic [feature image above: “Plate 24: Geometria XXIIII,” from E-Series Tarocchi Cards (Italian, 15th century), engraving (courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art, Elisha Whittelsey Collection, the Elisha Whittelsey Fund).] It seems to me a bit lazy, to illustrate Geometry by drawing three crude shapes next to a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, this mindless practice is of course still very popular among advertisers today 🙂 + 😦




Tarocchi = Italian for Tarot. Coming up on soon – a post about how marketers can use Tarot for branding and audience engagement.

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