Choosing Picasso’s Super Power

[Almost #wordlesswednesday] If I had a super power it would be drawing like Picasso.


[Illustration sketch by Ian Anderson-Priddy ]

In the meantime maybe I should buy this pencil:


2 Articles explaining why:

1. Visual memory and what Picasso was really seeing The Guardian

“Picasso overlearned the picture. When you overlearn something, you don’t just look at it, think about it and try to learn from or remember it. You look at it (or listen to it) again and again until it becomes completely familiar. Overlearning enables memory to work much better and in much greater detail.”  Christine Temple

2. How Apple Uses Picasso To Teach Employees About Product Design Fast Company

“In the end, Picasso turned a highly literal representation of a bull into an intertwined series of abstract elements that balance and counterbalance each other to make up a powerful and expressive work of art. The last image is a single sinuous line that is still unmistakably a bull.” John Brownlee



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