Chaos / Control

[BiteSize] Meditation is hard. I took a 10 days Vipassana course in Nepal 10 years ago – it was very very hard. But even taking 15 minutes to sit and meditate at home is hard.

So, I use this painting instead, whenever I feel like a mess.



  1. The name of this post is the title I have secretly given to Adolph Gottlieb’s artwork, 20 years ago, sitting in front of it at the MoMA.
  2. MoMA is now offering Quiet Mornings visiting experience: “On Wednesday mornings throughout the month, the museum is opening early (7:30 AM) for “ silently appreciating work of art”. The museum hopes “it is a peaceful experience that will leave guests centered”. Each session ends with the chance for guided meditation, held in the garden lobby overlooking the sculpture garden.”
  3. Google and many other corporates and start-ups offer workers mindfulness and meditation sessions. American Publishing house Rodale Inc. has meditation rooms in each office, for when workers need quiet time to recharge.



Feature image credit: Adolph Gottlieb working on Ascent in his studio in New York, 1958 (Photo: Rudy Burckhardt, image courtesy the Gottlieb Foundation © 2013 Rudy Burckhardt / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York Art . Art © Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY)

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