Links | 23.12.16 | Corner Cutting in China, Bullet Journals, Fonts, Macaroons

1-A longread that’s fun to read, teaches you a lot, and makes you think. It’s even quite good read by a text-to-speech robot:

Chabuduo! Close enough … Your balcony fell off? Chabuduo. Vaccines are overheated? Chabuduo. How China became the land of disastrous corner-cutting.

2-Macaroons are so 2010. Choux pastries and aclaires are the current favorite. Had the odd luck of trying this one sweet spot in Paris. Feast your eyes, and plan your trip.

3-Solar panels = Boring? No. They can save us money and the earth, and an Italian enrepeneur is working on making them look as good as anything – like marble, wood. Check it out on Indiegogo

4-Downloaded over 50 new fonts this week. Many of them from this vintage trove

5-Are you OCD? Or just enjoy checklists and diaries? This bullet journal layout for Monthly Goal Map is really nice and do-able.


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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