Colour Choices: Art & Marketing 

  1. This 1.34 minutes award winning video explains color theory so beautifully. It runs quite fast actually too fast, I recommend watching it at least twice .
  1. Basic concepts of colour are important, but for marketers, the color choice “KPI” counts, too. Luckily the good people of Buffer published an excellent and comrehensive research about this subject. 

One interesting thing the Buffer people say is that if you want your content to get more social media shares, use the colors red, pink, or purple.

3. This prompted me to take a look back at popular museum artworks.

Picasso had a long period of time painting mostly in Pinkish tones. It is called the Rose Period.

A Rose Period work was sold for 104$ million, whereas a Blue Period painting was sold for $55 millions just three years earlier… It might be for other . 

Interestingly, some other very famous and commercialized works of art have the colours red/ pink / purple setting the tone:


4. This beautiful color swatch book was created by influential architect Le Corbusier in 1931, for the Salubra wallpaper brand in 1931. Read Fast Company’s article to get a glimpse of the master architect’s color theory – and his suggestions for perfect colour harmonies.



Bonus Tip: Copy A Famous Painting’s Colour Palette

A useful shortcut for your own work: – get colour palettes from famous painters. 




If you prefer taking inspiration from contemporary artwork, refresh Palette until you find the perfect one for you.

palette color choice

*Header feature photo: Andy Warhol, supervising Flowers prints in his “Factory”.
Image courtesy of Sotheby’s.


Useful articles:

Vibrant Options For Apps And Websites | Smashing Magazine

Color Theory for Sign Up Form Design | AWeber

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