Leonardo Da Vinci’s To Do List Ended Up In A Museum. Mine Won’t. But…

This is Leonardo Da Vinci’s To do List.

Mine is sooo pathetic in comparison. But in the end, it is also a piece of paper with doodles and scribbles. 

After trying to use several apps – like Remember The Milk, Google Keep, ChaosControl , I realized what works best for me – Google Calendar & Drive for the usual daily stuff (meeting people, client work, admins, chores) and a Bullet Journal for the important stuff – goals, habits, plans, ideas.

“When I have a specific problem to solve, I use a more focused process. I’ll often buy a new notebook, different from the ones I’ve used before. Special pens.”

Seth Godin

There is something about paper, that feels different, more meaningful. My To Do list won’t end up in a museum (where Leo’s is. also check if there are others). But one day in 40 years I might take a look and have a laugh, or shed a tear. It won’t happen with Google Keep, sorry developers…

I use a cheap squared A5 spiral bound notebook (costs $1) and take inspiration from much more creative and talented Bullet journalists: 


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