Logos As Showcases: Are They Just For Museums Or Could You Use Them Too? Plus Tutorial


Logos as transparant frames that serve as image containers: review, benefits & tutorial for DIY graphic experimentation of this branding concept.

The new(ish) logo of the Serpentine Gallery in London was the first to set the trend of media container logo. Then other museums followed with their own versions.


Media company ABC did the same for their popular show Scandal – as they have content to display, endless images.


Can your organization do this too?

We all have lots of pictures: of our employees, projects, reports, offices.

An easy way to start this experiment in a showcase logo is by using just the first letter – like at the Portland museum, Oregon. Ziba studio increased the letter P and made it transparent, so it serves as a window into to any image / exhibit.

If you want to do some DIY graphic experiments for a showcase logo, and aren’t familiar with Photoshop, take these 4 simple steps:

  1. Open PPT, add a Text Box, write in it the name of your company / brand. Set font size: 150 at least.
  2. Choose the text and on the Format menu define Text Outline line 1 pt, light color like yellow or red. The Fill set as “no fill”.  Now you have a showcase.
  3. In Fill text select Picture option and choose a files from your computer. You might need to try a few different pictures before the “logo” looks good.

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